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140730 Super Junior′s Leeteuk Holds Private Fanmeeting with Fans After Army Release

Super Junior′s Leeteuk may have left his army base without a special event, but he held a private fanmeeting for his fans later that day.

Leeteuk met with his fans in Seoul on July 29. The fanmeeting took place for about an hour, and none of it was revealed to the public.

It is said Leeteuk wanted to meet only with his fans.

He thanked his fans and talked about how it felt to be released from his duties.

He also answered questions fans had turned in for the event, and read out a handwritten letter.

The other Super Junior members congratulated Leeteuk through a video message.

It is also said Leeteuk emphasized to his fans that he hoped word of what happened at the fanmeeting would not find its way outside.

Fans have thus been trying to be careful not to talk about the fanmeeting on social networks.

Leeteuk will join preparations for Super Junior′s upcoming album.

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When I saw that pic that Tao posted on weibo, it reminded me of someone. Then I realized that he kinda looked like Ryuk from Death Note lol >_

lee jinki > lucky star

jongin being a caring little brother to luhan

krisyeol being dumb…


Cosmo tip inspired by 50 Shades #2: Stab him in the ass with a fork.


SHINee’s best performances through the years; second part

Teuk: Our ELF are pretty, cute, strong and knows how to fight. Also good at fighting online

— (cr: 进哥哥呀哈哈)


Tao - 140730 Weibo account update: “时间过的快,伤也好的快,随着时间一样你们和我都没有变坏。 你继续往下看,会发现这像Rap,没错我写了一段Rap就是给你们看。Yeah 为了弥补那天演场会的过错往后,我会更用心的为你们付出以后,让我们一直不分开就像以前拉过的勾许过的愿一样永远走到最后。 Thanks.”

Translation: “Time passes quickly, my wound also heals quikly, just like with time you and I haven’t turned bad. If you keep looking down, you will discover a rap like this, that’s right I wrote a setion of rap just for you all to see. Yeah in order to make up for my wrong1 during that day’s concert, in the future I will give you all more of myself and my greater attention. Let us never separate, just like the pinky promise we made in the past, just like the wish we made in the past, walking to the end forever. Thanks.”

Credit: HZT-ao. (1Note: For not being able to perform to the best of his ability due to injury)

chen singing ‘into your world’ to the fans ♡